About the Association

The Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu Association is a small unincorporated not-for-profit run by instructors and members of clubs teaching our style.  No-one in the Association is paid a salary for carrying out their functions, so all funds paid in through membership fees or course costs are reinvested for the benefit of the membership.

As part of our commitment to your training, we will provide members with the following:

  • Instructors that are qualified, vetted and insured to teach.
  • Insurance for the unlikely accidents that could occur whilst practicing a contact martial art.
  • Courses for covering techniques or principles in depth, taught by some of the best instructors in our style.
  • Gradings, for if you want to progress towards the instructor grades in our art or just to benchmark where you are in relation to your peers.
  • Opportunities to become an instructor in your own right, though there are no fast tracks to this position and we would typically expect students to have a bare minimum of five years’ training before this is possible.
  • A written syllabus for the art, containing a selection of techniques for each grade which demonstrate some of the core principles we hope to see in students wearing that belt colour.
  • Welfare officers at association level, with whom you can speak if you have any concerns about yourself or anyone else in your club.  See Our Staff page for their contact details.

We pride ourselves on being an ever-evolving style and want to match our Association to that same principle.  As such, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve the running of the Association, please let your instructor or one of the Officers know.


Aiuchi runs a number of events each year, some of which are entirely for training purposes; others not so much.  Events run over the past few years include:

  • Courses - open to all or specific to certain grades.  We aim to run a course approximately every eight weeks throughout the year.
  • Gradings - initially gradings are carried out at club level, but we also run several national gradings for those looking to grade to purple belt or above.  Typically we have two gradings for students (purple and blue belts) and one grading for instructor grades (brown and black belts), though we respond to demand appropriately.
  • Nationals - for one weekend a year we gather as many Aiuchi members as possible all under one roof to train with each other and compete in a friendly demonstration of jiu jitsu abilities (these are run by grade, so you will not have to compete against your instructor, for example!).  Usually there is a social event organised for the Saturday night.
  • Gasshuku - over the August bank holiday, Aiuchi holds a training long-weekend in France.  This combination of sun, jitsu and socialising has proved enormously popular over the years, and we now have several local martial artists from Reichshoffen Judo Club join us for our more local events to exchange ideas.
  • Social events - clubs will often run their own local social events, including paintballing, airsofting, go-karting, gaming nights, barn dancing, etc.  On a greater scale, there are also opportunities to go skiing or snowboarding with the Association.